We are looking for all types of families to participate in a study on the effects of military deployment on families. Deployment creates changes in family roles and family functioning. Some families adapt easily to parental deployment, while other families may struggle with these changes. To help understand what resources may be needed to support families experiencing deployment, this project examines the effect of deployment on children and non-deployed spouses. 

Participation Requirements:
  • Families with at least one child between 7 and 17 years old  
  • Civilian families (two-parent and single-parent homes)  
  • ***Length of separation/divorce must be less than one year ***
  • Military families with a deployed service member 

The time commitment is 4-5 hours over the course of one week. Families will be compensated $100.00 for their time.

Parents and children will be interviewed by our staff and will complete surveys examining strengths as well as social, academic, family and physical functioning. Physical functioning will be studied through motion watches worn throughout the day & night and through stress hormones (obtained from saliva) over one week. This project is funded by the US Department of Defense and is occurring at three different sites (University of Hawaii, University of Central Florida, University of Houston).